Audit and Assurance Services

Improve corporate reporting and provide assurance that systems are operating effectively within a business environment.

Provide assurance over the quality of financial information

Financial Statements Audit

  • Regulatory compliance & reporting
  • IFRS reporting

 Internal Audit Services

Independent, objective consulting activity designed to add value and improve the organization’s operation

  • Internal audit strategy/ transformation/training
  • Internal control review/ co-sourcing
  • Compliance review

 Accounting Advisory

Navigating the changing landscape of financial reporting

  • IFRS convergence
  • Managing accounting changes
  • Accounting advice and support relating to events and transactions
  • Training in financial reporting

Capital Market Services

Leverage deep knowledge of both the Indonesian and global exchanges and regulatory processes to provide assistance in addressing new challenges of the current economic environment.

  • Reporting on financial track records in prospectus
  • Reporting on pro forma, forecast and projections
  • Comfort letters on prospectus disclosures

 Independent Controls & Systems Process Assurance

  • Internal control optimization
  • Third-party assurance and compliance with regulatory (e.g., BOT, SEC)
  • ERP assurance, pre-and post-implementation system reviewing
  • Data management systems audit (e.g., data quality review and computer-assisted audit techniques)
  • Internal controls
  • Compliance


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