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We’ve made the most advanced, constumizable and user-friendly construction theme in the world.

Active Solar Heating

Active solar heating systems use solar energy to heat a fluid and transform it directly to the interior space.

Building ECO Future

Most efficient, functional green buildings for any household and company. Spaces for many years.

We are Price and Asset Consulting - Leading provider of management and tax solutions.

Founded in 1970, our company have grown by leaps and bounds and had been setting new standards. Starting put with only ability, enthusiasm and a clear vision of destination, our team has earned every single reputation and award.


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Pajak Progresif Mobil dan Penghitungannya

Bagi Anda yang memiliki mobil lebih dari satu dengan nama dan alamat yang sama, maka Anda memiliki kewajiban untuk membayar pajak progresif mobil. Pajak progresif merupakan tarif pemungutan pajak dengan persentase yang didasarkan pada jumlah atau kuantitas objek pajak dan juga berdasarkan harga atau nilai objek pajak. Sedangkan yang dimaksud dengan pajak progresif mobil adalah …

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